What Can You Expect from a Tarot Reading?

The title of this article is misleading. I can only tell you what to expect from a tarot reading with me because Tarot Readers are like snowflakes. All are unique in so many ways. So, for those that have never had a tarot reading and are curious but maybe a little hesitant; let me shine some light on a typical session with Black Moon Tarot.

My goal as a Tarot Reader is to offer insight, advice, and hope with every reading. I am very honest and will give you the information that the cards are sending out, but I don’t believe honestly has to scare the pants off you. The thing I love most about Tarot is that not only will you receive blunt honesty, but Tarot also gives you the opportunity to take control of your own life. So, while you may at times receive difficult news, just pull another card to get advice on how to handle the situation. The future is NEVER carved into stone and it can absolutely be changed based on your own decisions. All of that to say, I read compassionately and do not believe any session needs to be dark or scary.

As a visual artist, I also focus on the experience. I have spent a lot of energy, creative thinking, and money on having a setup that sets the mood. Calming candles, beautiful examples of healing crystals, incense, herbs, and other spiritual objects. Comfortable seating with low lighting and soft music. I like to cover all 5 of the senses to stimulate in a loving, cocoon-like way. We ALL have so much stimulation coming at us all day, every day. I want our time together to feel like my clients can breathe and have room inside their own heads to think about those things that might be pushed aside day-to-day.

Once we introduce ourselves and get comfortable, I will ask if you have anything you want clarity on. I always advise my clients to approach our time together like 3 close friends having a conversation (client, Reader, and cards). Now is the time to just talk and let out what’s been on your mind. This is a safe space, no judgments. This is an anonymous space; I never share what goes on during our sessions. This is your time; I am focused on you. The more information you provide, the more you will receive back from your reading.

As your Tarot Reader, I am not psychic. I have been gifted from the universe with an extra dose or two of intuition. I built on that natural gift by studying all things Tarot for many years. There is a long history of information out there about cartomancy and if I stumble across something I haven’t seen before, I am “gimme, gimme, gimme”. I approach the Art of Tarot as a never-ending education. I will not learn all there is to know as long as I live. I strive to improve my knowledge base every day. I am now and always will be a student of Tarot. Therefore, it’s important to not hold back in session. Speak out when something resonates. Ask questions, ask for clarity, say if something doesn’t sound right. Remember, this is a conversation between the 3 of us.

After shuffling the deck of cards and making a connection, the reading has begun. I will ask Spirit to help me see what will help my client reach their highest selves. I will ask Spirit to help me connect with my client to offer healing and some peace and hope. I lay down cards and start to speak on the symbology of each card, including areas such as astrology, numerology, and the general meaning of each card as well as reading the cards together which tells a story. Then we just discuss. If need be, I will pull more cards for clarification. I always end each session with advice and possible outcome. If this is a face-to-face reading, I encourage my client to take a picture of their spread and to journal or meditate on what they learned. Emailed readings always include a picture of the spread for this reason. This is what you can expect from a reading with me at Black Moon Tarot. Like I said, every Tarot Reader as their own style, different goals, there are also many ways to read the cards. Try out a few different readers if this is something you are interested in and choose the one who is right for you.

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